Norah June (10 Days)

By: Sarah Botta

June 2, 2017

Welcome to the world Norah June!

Norah seems to be becomming a popular girls name for 2017. She’s my second Norah (with an H) this year! I love her full name Norah June. Her middle name June is named after her Grandmother.

Ten day old newborns are my sweet spot for newborn sessions. Every newborn I have photographed at 10 days has been amazing! Norah didn’t make a peep her entire session and she only fed once I think?! She did such a great job and I was able to get lots of great photos on the bean bag, props, and with Mom and Dad! I love the photos with Norah’s Mom and Dad. Such a sweet family photos and Norah’s mom is simply stunning!

Norah has a super strong neck for only being 10 days new. At one point on the beanbag during her session she lifted her head up and turned the other way! It was too funny. I gave her a little break and kept on photographing her sweet little smiles. Norah was the smiliest newborn I have ever photographed. She was filled with smiles the entire session and it made my heart melt!

About a year ago I photographed Norah’s cousin Eloise. Time flies! Click here to see Eloise’s newborn session and see if you think they look like cousins.

Newborn Crown: Love Crush Crowns

Tan Honeycomb Fabric: Roses & Ruffles

Sarah Botta Photography is a newborn photographer with a residential studio based in Woodbridge, VA/ Lakeridge, VA.

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