As brides and and groom’s plan their wedding timeline with me and get ready for their wedding day, a few questions often come up. Questions like what side does the boutonnière go on and how do I put it on? A few of these questions I hear at every wedding and others only once or twice so I thought I’d write a blog post 7 Commonly Asked Wedding Questions.

I always let my couples know to never feel silly for asking these questions! I only know because I have photographed so many weddings!! When I got married, I wasn’t a wedding photographer yet and I had these exact questions. Now I love being able to share this knowledge with my couples.

Below are some of the most common questions I’m asked.

1. Boutonnière’s go on the right side of the groom’s lapel. If the groom looks straight down the boutonnière will be on his left. A lapel is the part on each side of a coat or jacket immediately below the collar that is folded back on either side of the front opening. When putting on the boutonnière, place it on the lapel, and put the pin through the back of the jacket fabric and the boutonnière. If done correctly, you’ll only need to use 1 pin.

2. What side does the garter go on? Garter’s were originally meant to hold up stockings. You can place it on whichever leg you prefer. Sometimes brides wear two garters, one to toss and one to keep. Other times, brides choose not to continue this tradition.

3. Where do we cut the cake? When you’re ready to cut your cake, stand behind your cake so your guests can see you and cut it on the back bottom layer.

4. When does my Maid of Honor and Best Man give a speech? Typically, toasts happen when guests are about finished with their dinner.

5. Should I have a first look? That depends! I wrote a while post just to answer that question. To read that blog post, click here.

6. Where do I place my veil? If you’re wearing a veil on your wedding day, the biggest piece of advice I can give is to have a practice run with your hair dresser. Every so often brides have a hairstyle in mind but when it’s time to put the veil in, they are unsure were to place it so it stays in and looks right. Your hairdresser will show you where to place the veil, how to put it in, and may even be able to be around on your wedding day to help make sure it’s placed in correctly.

7. Do we have to XYZ? There have been a few occasions where the bride has asked if they have to do a bouquet toss, garter toss, or other traditions. The answer is no! You can break tradition! Remember this day is your day and you can plan only the things are important to you.

I hope this helped answer a few questions you may not have even thought of yet. Don’t see a question you have listed? Comment below!

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