I've truly always felt called to document & savor the beauty and emotion behind your every days & your extraordinary days.

about sarah

My photography journey began when mom purchased a 35mm camera. She captured everyday moments and extraordinary moments of our family and then placed printed images into albums. I vividly remember sitting in my childhood room reminiscing over those moments frozen in time. At 5 years old, I knew how special those images were and what they meant to me. I also knew, without a doubt, what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

What was a long, twisted journey of getting to where I am today, I've had the honor of photographing over 120 weddings. I've had the pleasure of meeting and become friends with so many people I otherwise would have never gotten to meet and feel beyond blessed the Lord has given me this talent and that my business has grown to where it is today.

I vividly remember sitting in my childhood room reminiscing over moments frozen in time.

The perfect blend of down-to-earth with a classic and refined style. 



"Sarah Botta is an incredibly talented photographer who has a great eye for capturing soft, romantic shots. We immediately connected with her."



my family (and my dog Bayah) is my everything. my little family, immediate and extended. we are very tight knit.


slow mornings with coffee in hand and family by my side have created some of the best family memories. 

2. COFFEE & Slow Mornings

being outdoors is my happy place. swimming, skiing, tubing, hiking, or just listening to the creek and the birds. 

3. fresh air

i believe that smiling goes a long way and that a simple smile could turn someone's day around.

4. smiling

one of the many reasons I love weddings, getting to meet and learn about someone, learning what they love.

5. meeting new people

Favorite Things

i've always been a go-getter, a list maker, and a happy mixture of Type A meets go with the flow. therapy for me is power washing. 

6. projects

i am a cookie monster. you could give me a plate of cookies and i have zero self control. it's impressive and scary. 

7. cookieS

who doesn't love finding a great deal on name brand clothes at a discount rate?

8. TJ Maxx

i can't tell you how many times i've watched all the seasons of the office just to start watching again. 

9. the office

holding a printed image brings so much nostalgia and one of the many reasons i became a photographer.

10. printed images

each morning I begin with a cup of Folger's coffee. for an afternoon pick-me-up, i'll never say no to iced coffee. 



i’m obsessed with fireworks. they just mesmerize me!



heirloom wedding albums

Because of how my photography journey began, I truly believe that investing in an album is the best way to preserve your story beautifully. 

Your photographs will only grow in value as the years pass. Which is why I take such pride in creating heirloom pieces that can be handed down and treasured for generations.

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