"Sarah Botta is an incredibly talented photographer who has a great eye for capturing soft, romantic shots. We immediately connected with her."



Whether you're a bride searching for your wedding photographer or a mother looking how to better photograph your kiddos, I want to help make your life easier. I love helping give all the tips and tricks I wish I knew for my own wedding. After photographing over 120 weddings, you can bet I'd love to answer any and all questions you have to help you have the best day ever. And momma, I see you. I want to help you get those images into your hands and on your walls. I know you don't have much time so let me do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy it. 

my hope for you

I'm a mom of three and a wife to my Italian husband, living in Winchester, VA. My photography journey began at a young age when I found myself reminiscing through photo albums. My mother captured everyday moments and extraordinary moments of our family on 35mm film then placed printed images into albums. Even at a young age, I knew I had found my calling, photography that makes you feel. 

What was a long, twisted journey of getting to where I am today, I've had the honor of photographing over 120 weddings and build a brand to give brides the experience that I never had and help mothers capture their little ones every day and extraordinary moments.

I vividly remember sitting in my childhood room reminiscing over moments frozen in time.



heirloom wedding albums

Because of how my photography journey began, I truly believe that investing in an album is the best way to preserve your story beautifully. 

Your photographs will only grow in value as the years pass. Which is why I take such pride in creating heirloom pieces that can be handed down and treasured for generations.

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