February Photo Tips Week 1: Getting Started

February 11, 2019

Last week was the first Thursday in February which means the first week of February Photo Tips went live on my Instastory! About three weeks ago I asked if there would be any interest in hearing photo tips on Instastory and I was overwhelmed by the number of people who responded yes! I decided that every Thursday in February, I would share photography tips. Today’s blog post is a recap of what I went over in my Instastory last week and what you can expect this Thursday.

One of the most asked questions I receive is how I got started with photography. For me, I was always the girl with a camera and I became known as the girl who liked to take photos. Growing up, I always had a camera in my hands taking photos of the sky, trees, mountains, and my mom working from home. My sweet mom took the film to be developed!! I’m sure it was hundreds of dollars worth of film and developing. I remember getting the images back and loving the feeling that I captured something.

My love for photography has always been there but just learning and mastering is what I needed to do next. For me, second shooting was a huge leap in what I thought I knew and everything I needed to learn. Second shooting opened my eyes to how photographers dealt with the clients, extended family, stressful situations, surprises on a wedding day, rain on a wedding day, and so much more. If you’re an aspiring photographer wanting to break into the wedding industry, second shooting will help you learn more than you could ever imagine!! Assisting will also teach you these same things. Assisting is a great way to learn while helping the lead photographer. Let’s be honest, all the gear the photographer is carrying to a wedding day is so heavy, an extra pair of hands is a fantastic help!

A few ways you can learn photography:

– Reach out to photographers you admire and let them know that you’re interested in breaking into the wedding industry, let them know you want to mentor and learn from them.
– Assist photographers and second shoot with photographers whose style you love.
– Practice photographing your friends, family, your kids, details like your rings, fanciest pair of heals and jewelry.
– Practice, practice, practice!!
– There are tons of online tutorials on Youtube and check out creative live!

This Thursday, I’ll be talking all about gear. What gear I use and why.

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Sarah Botta is a Northern Virginia based wedding photographer whose work can be described as organic, natural, and timeless. Sarah specializes in capturing people’s stories and building connections with each client to help tell their story. Sarah has photographed over 55 weddings across Virginia and Maryland from rustic outdoor ceremonies to elaborate estate mansion receptions. Her natural timeless style shines brightest with outdoor locations. Sarah is available for travel and is passport ready.

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