Have you ever seen those cute little questionnaires on Facebook or instastories where it asks questions like do you prefer chocolate or vanilla or what’s one word you’re friends would say you say too often? I thought it be super fun to have a “Get to Know Sarah Botta Photography – Virginia Wedding Photographer” blog dedicated to fun fact questions just like that! I love getting to know people. I think it’s really fun hearing what their interests are, where they are from, and learning unique facts about them. Below you’ll read some fun facts about me and maybe find we have a lot in common!

1. Canon or Nikon? Canon
2. Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoors is my happy place
3. Favorite Color: I love blues and greens though my nails are usually some shade of pink or red and I usually wear shades of pinks and blues (except for wedding days, you’ll find me in black or gray)
4. Favorite TV Show: I can’t choose between Parks & Rec, The Office, This is Us, and my newest favorite The Virgin Jane
5. Favorite Movie: My all time favorites movies are The Proposal, Titanic, Sweet Home Alabama, and A Little Princess
6. Favorite Holiday: 4th of July! I love sparklers and fun fact, my husband proposed to me July 3rd and real fireworks went off after I said yes!
7. What’s one fun fact people would find super interesting about you? I LOVE demolition derbies!! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically cars crashing into each other on purpose. If you invite me to one, I will go!
8. Dresses or Pants? I love dresses! If I could wear a dress everyday I would. It’s too cold in the winter, haha
9. Heals or flats? I’d rather be barefoot! If I have to choose, definitely flats.
10. Favorite hobbies? Photography, of course, and hiking, skiing, traveling, really anything outdoor especially if it involves water
11. Sports? I married into a family of everything Pittsburgh and UNC; however, I am the least athletic person you’ll ever meet. I didn’t grow up with sports that involved a ball. I was was on the swimming team!
12. How did you meet Danny? One of Danny’s roommates and my friend started dating and we met through them my last semester.
13. Where did you get married? In a teeny tiny town in 2013, population 1,041, called Edinburg, VA outside on a family friends property by the Shenandoah River.
14. When did you start photography? Since I was old enough to hold a camera I photographed things but it wasn’t until 2015 I decided I wanted to become a photographer and focus on weddings and newborns.
15. How many weddings have you photographed? At the end of 2017, I photographed 33 weddings.
16. Favorite place you’ve traveled? I love the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, and Spain!
17. Allergies? Dairy, whomp whomp
18. Favorite place to eat? Take out? Chipotle!! For a special night out? Cheesecake Factory!!
19. Coffee or tea? Coffee! I have a cup of Folger’s every morning.
20. Favorite candy? Gummy bears!

This blog post won’t be complete unless I answer the very first two questions! Chocolate or vanilla? Definitely vanilla. I don’t like chocolate cake! My husband says I use the phrase “the other day” way too often, haha!

Thanks for reading through this! Hope it was a fun read and you found a few things we have in common.

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Sarah Botta Photography

Sarah Botta is a Northern Virginia based newborn and wedding photographer whose work can be described as organic, natural, and timeless. Sarah specializes in capturing people’s stories and building connections with each client to help tell their story. Her residential newborn studio is located in Woodbridge, VA where she photographs newborns ages 4-12 days new.

Sarah has photographed over 30 weddings across Virginia and Maryland from rustic barn ceremonies to elaborate golf course receptions. Her natural timeless style shines brightest with outdoor locations. Sarah is available for travel and is passport ready.