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When I first started my business, I was using snail mail to send contracts. Clients would send me back the signed contract along with a check. This process was so slow and tedious. I already knew that I needed to make a change. The breaking point was when I LOST a client check for *A LOT OF MONEY* I knew the change needed to happen immediately. I started looking into client management programs and came across Honeybook! Honeybook has seriously transformed my business! I’m often asked Why I love Honeybook as a Photographer so I wanted to break down why it’s been such a life changing program in my business. If you’re not familiar with Honeybook, it’s a client managing program which means it’s an all-in-one solution to help simplify, automate, and run your creative business.


Honeybook streamlines client proposals, contracts, and invoices. I don’t have to print, mail, and scan anymore! Each client has their own workspace within Honeybook so everything stays organized. Never again will I loose a client check!


Honeybook makes sure you stay on top of your tasks and deadlines by notifying you of certain deadlines and tasks. Need to follow up with a client in 3 months? No worries! Set a reminder and Honeybook will remind you whenever you set the date. Need to check update that timeline in a month? No worries, Honeybook will remind you of anything if it’s already created in your automation. Need a final payment from a client? No worries! Honeybook automatically sends out payment reminders so you never have to worry about getting paid again!


Honeybook has helped me become a more organized and better business owner. I’m able to create a beautiful and professional client experience from their initial inquiry to the completion of their project. How? Honeybook has something called automations. Automations are set up to give each client the best and the same experience. These custom workflows help manage your business and you have peace of mind knowing that they are being well taken care of. I set up automations for weddings, engagements, maternity, and newborn sessions!


I was always digging through my gmail, trying to find the email a client had sent. With Honeybook, I have a contact form setup on my website. When a client inquires, I receive a notification right away and Honeybook automatically creates a new client workspace. From there, I’m able to set up my automation (with the click of one button) and respond to the inquiry within seconds. All emails are kept in that specific client workspace making is extremely easy to go back and read past emails. The icing on the cake? You can create templated emails so you’re not emailing the same information to each client each time. And yes, you can personalize the emails before you send.


Want to add the wedding planner into that clients workspace? Easy peasy! Create another workspace inside the client workspace so you’re able to communicate with just the wedding planner while still keeping organized.



  • Add your branding to keep everything looking consistent
  • Honeybook has their own app which means I can pull up client questionnaires right before the session if I need a refresh on their pet’s name
  • Scheduling feature – clients can choose a time they want to chat
  • Run reports to see how much income you brought in that month or how much sales tax you need to pay

If you are ready to transform your business, I have a gift for you!

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Hope you found these reasons Why I love Honeybook as a Photographer helpful!

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