Vendor Spotlight: Casey Hill Events

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Welcome to December 1st – the month of Christmas cheer and indulging in way too many cookies while singing festive carols. Today we celebrate Casey Hill and the launch of her wedding planning business, Casey Hill Events. You might recall Casey from her emotional Birkby House Wedding back in October. With a career spanning back to 2016, where she’s meticulously orchestrated over 100 weddings as an event and wedding planner, Casey now takes a bold leap to establish her own wedding planning business, Casey Hill Events.

Our collaboration involved brainstorming creative headshot poses, culminating in a photoshoot that perfectly captured her boss babe, city vibe persona. It was a delight to witness her vibrant personality shine through each image – a testament to her sweetness, down-to-earth nature, professionalism, and unwavering determination as a go-getter who not only achieves but also strives to ensure your wedding experience is enjoyable and stress-free.

For those of you embarking on the exciting journey of engagement and in search of a dedicated wedding planner, Casey is your go-to person. Her website, launching today, provides an in-depth look into the services she offers and the passion she brings to crafting memorable weddings. Join us in celebrating Casey’s new chapter, where every detail is meticulously curated to make your wedding day an unforgettable and seamless experience.

Vendor Spotlight: Casey Hill Events

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