Wedding Day Check List for Grooms

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With so much focus on the bride for her wedding day, the groom is often left with a time and place to show up. He may or may not know what to bring or he may think he has packed everything but has forgotten something. Earlier this year, I was photographing bride and groom details at the beginning of the wedding day. When I went to photograph the groom, I was told he had left. At first I was so confused until they said he had forgotten his wedding shirt and needed to go get it! Weddings can be stressful enough without forgetting something so below is a Wedding Day Check List for Grooms to ensure you’re not forgetting something super important on your wedding day.

1. The wedding ring!

2. Wedding attire: undershirt, button up shirt, jacket, vest, tie, pants, boxers, belt, cuff links, socks, shoes.

3. Accessories: watch, cologne, deodorant, cigar, comb, hair products.

4. Gift. If you’re giving your fiancé, parents, or groomsmen a gift, make sure to pack it.

I know it’s second nature for most guys to want to pack all of these items the day of their wedding; however, try to encourage your man to pack everything right after he picks up his suit (if he is renting) or 2-3 days prior if he already owns his suit. This way, if anything is missing, he will have plenty of time to find it before the wedding day. If you’re a groom and reading this, you’re on top of things!! Kiddos to you!!


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