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When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to have lifestyle newborn photos taken. We all know that newborn babies grow incredibly quickly so capturing this special time was incredibly important to me. You may have just found out that you are pregnant or maybe you are nearing the end of your pregnancy. Either way, you are thinking about newborn photos – when should you have them taken, where, what should you wear, how does it all work? If this is you, keep reading Prepping for your Lifestyle Newborn Session.


When looking for your newborn photographer, it is of the upmost importance that you not only find someone whose style you love but also someone who you feel comfortable around. I think this is often overlooked. Just like any service provider, you want someone in your home that you feel comfortable around, especially if you have other little kiddos in your home. Before signing a contract, hop on a call to get to know your photographer and ask questions like, “can I see a full newborn gallery” or “how do you handle toddler’s and husbands that don’t want their photos taken.” This will help to gage their personality and how they handle situations.

With me, booking and scheduling is easy. I write your due date on my calendar. Once baby makes his or her grand entrance, simple email me to let me know baby arrived and we will schedule your session. The day of your session is always up to you. Sometimes parents have to stay in the hospital longer than expected, baby is in the NICU or momma is having a hard time recovering. Either way, sessions can be taken anytime in, ideally, that first month. However, don’t sweat it if it’s past the first month. Life happens and we will get your session scheduled and capture this special time in your life.


When photographing lifestyle newborn sessions, I focus most of the images in one room in your home. Typically in the master bedroom or living room since those are the two rooms most likely being used the most often. I also like capturing images in the nursery, if you have one. For me personally, my newborn photographer captured images in the nursery in our first home and I remember thinking “Oh that’s not necessary. I’ll photograph this.” and guess what?! I NEVER DID!! We ended up moving and selling our home shortly after COVID shut down the world and to this day I am so happy she captured those images so I can remember what my little girls nursery looked like.


“What should I wear?” is the number one question asked for any session! I created a client lounge specifically for my clients once they book to help them decide what to wear. I always say that neutral colors photograph best because the soft neutral colors keep focus on faces. Any crazy colors like hot pink, greens, etc. are going to create what’s called color casts on your skin. No one wants to look hot pink or green in their images. Neutral colors like whites, creams, or tans can actually bounce light from the window on your skin giving you that creamy beautiful skin you want to see in your images.

Not sure what to wear? Check out a few of my favorites on Amazon! I personally always buy 5-7 dresses, try them on and see which works best and return the ones I don’t wear. If you have other kids, check out my Amazon favorites for girls and boys. Hopefully this gives you inspiration for what to wear or how to coordinate everyone Prepping for your Lifestyle Newborn Session.


Lifestyle newborn sessions work incredibly well with homes that have at least one naturally lit room. Whether that’s the living room, master bedroom, nursery or even a guest room one room with the largest window is best. Combine a naturally lit room with a bed and a white sheet or white bedding and you are all set! The white blanket or white sheets will bounce light back into your faces giving you that dreamy flawless skin.

While not necessary, it does save time is having the most naturally lit room be decluttered before your photographer arrives. This way photos can begin and time isn’t being spent on moving things around. Again, not necessary but super helpful. I know that being a new mom you’re doing all the things so give yourself grace with this.

Hope this was super informative and got you excited to Prep for your Lifestyle Newborn Session.

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