The Welcome Guide for Photographers

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When couples book their wedding, I send a Welcome Guide. I do this for multiple reasons. #1 The Welcome Guide is filled with information they need to know from scheduling their engagement session to everything they need to know after their wedding. #3 Sending a Welcome Guide saves me time and helps increase their experience because I am answering questions they have may in mind or questions they didn’t even know they had BEFORE they even ask.

The Welcome Guide for Photographers

For years I used InDesign to edit and design my Welcome Guide. But ever since InDesign moved to a Cloud based monthly subscription, it was just another added monthly cost I didn’t want to pay. I knew I needed to create The Welcome Guide for Photographers in Canva. Why? Canva has a free version so you can edit your Welcome Guide and save time and money! With my graphic design background, it was a no brainer.

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my Welcome Guide designed in Canva is available for sale through Etsy!!

  • The Welcome Guide is 36 information filled pages
  • All text is included in the template
  • Swap out the images for your own
  • PDF instructions include video link, PDF document, and link for Canva template
  • 10+ featured topics
  • Template is designed in Canva

You know you have been wanting a well designed, easy to use Bridal Guide and now you can buy your Welcome Guide here!

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