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The life of a photographer is never dull. There are so many important tasks to juggle like marketing, planning, editing and not to mention taking pictures. Sometimes the workload can feel overwhelming. That’s why every winter my main focus is streamlining and updating processes to be as efficient with my time as possible.

Over the years I’ve found a few programs that have literally changed my life and my business. Efficiency is everything, especially when it comes to running a business, so I want to share my Top 5 Favorite Business Programs.


Honeybook is my client management software (CRM). I began using Honeybook in 2018 and can’t tell you enough how this program literally changed my business. It allows me to stay organized, send emails, proposals, collect payments, and automate my business. I literally couldn’t run my business without it. Honeybook gave me the power to keep organized, stay on top of tasks and tremendously elevate my client experience. Read more about Why I love Honeybook here.

If you’re looking for a CRM check out Honeybook. Receive 50% off your first year when you sign up using this code.



As a graphic design major, I held off using Canva for awhile. I’m an InDesign guru so that was always my go-to program for graphics. However, with Adobe switching programs to monthly subscriptions, it was another business expense I wasn’t willing to pay. Then I found Canva! While Canva can also be a mostly subscription it costs much less and there is a free version! Canva allows me to create branded graphics in no time. This online platform has a variety of templates all in one space. All I need to do is choose which template, drag and drop. It’s that simple and efficient!



My sister told me about Notion and she’s a Notion expert! I’ve used similar programs to Notion in the past but found them to be too be to clunky or just too much for what I was looking for. I knew I needed a better way to create lists, have workflows, and keep notes safe all in one place that was better than the “notes” app on my phone. Notion allows me to create daily tasks that I can check off just like a piece of paper but in a digital format. I’m a huge note taker and list maker and Notion allows me to do all of that in one space while keeping a simple user-friendly experience.



Before Planoly, I used to find images curate the design in InDesign, then email the images to my phone, download the images, etc. You get the gist. The process was horrible and way too time consuming. Now I use Planoly for both @sarahbottaphotography and @sarahbottaportraits. I simply drag and drop images into Planoly and when I’m ready to post I post it straight from the app. I’m also able to right caption from my computer instead of my phone which I love.



Travel is a big part of being a photographer. You’re always driving to venues, sessions, meeting with clients, etc. Before MileIQ, I literally wrote down every mile, on paper, that I drove. Believe me, it was extremely hard remembering to do this. I finally said $60 a year was well worth the price over the headache of remembering to writing the mileage. Now I simply swipe left or right depending if the trip was personal or business and the app takes care of the rest. When it comes time for tax season it’s easy to see my total number of miles driven vs what mileage was business. You can also add different details like toll expenses, parking and other expenses. Mile IQ is a game changer.

These are my Top 5 Favorite Business Programs! Make sure to check out the post Why I love Honeybook a bit more in depth, because I truly feel every photographer should have a CRM they absolutely adore. Make sure to come back next week for that post!

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