How to Photograph a Wedding Day Pregnant

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In 2019, wedding days looked a lot different for me. Why? I was pregnant! Since then, I’ve had so many photographers asking How to Photograph a Wedding Day Pregnant. The last wedding I photographed pregnant, I was 35 weeks and Ally Grace came 3 days later. A month early! I thought it would be really helpful to share the things I did that helped me Photograph a Wedding Day Pregnant.

To be completely transparent and honest, when I first found out I was pregnant in January of 2019, I was so nervous to tell my couples. I didn’t know if they would be happy for me, request a different photographer, or ask if I was capable. Every single couple was extremely happy for me. I made sure to tell my couples I was pregnant BEFORE announcing on social media as a courtesy because I didn’t want any of them thinking I wasn’t capable or would leave them in the dust if Ally came early, which she did.

Here’s everything I did to make photographing a wedding day pregnant as smooth as possible:

✔️ Brought different shoes for the reception. My go-to shoes are my black pointed toe Rothy’s. Changing up shoes on a wedding day pregnant or not is such a nice relief for your feet!

✔️ I brought along an amazing assistant and third shooter to all my weddings. She helped carry gear, my water, the bride’s bouquet, fluffed the brides wedding dress and more!  Shout out to Nana Mafio for helping me!

✔️ Wore an apron to put the timeline, extra batteries, or anything else I needed to grab quickly so I wasn’t bending as much. I still wear an apron to weddings because I love the convenience.

✔️ Made sure to eat little bites of apple slices and a lot of water through the wedding day.

Photographing a wedding is totally doable but every woman’s body is different. It’s best to hope for the best and plan for the worst, just in case. We are talking about someone’s wedding day!! It’s best to have back up plans in place. Hope this helps you plan as you dive into another wedding season.


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