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As you may have seen, I’ve recently been printing quite a few wedding albums and now I’m designing Aly’s first year album. With all the album orders and designs happening lately, I thought I’d share a few images of a recent wedding album design and a story that made me realize how important it is to invest in a wedding album.


I strongly believe that all my wedding couples should purchase a wedding album to complete their wedding experience. Such precious memories deserve to be printed, in an album, and sitting on a coffee table for your friends and family to “ooo and ahh” over! Not only are albums great for weddings, albums are great for newborn and family sessions!

Now when it comes to wedding albums, I get it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your wedding and you don’t have the room in your budget to add a wedding album. You think to yourself, “I can print my photos, post them on social media, and maybe get creative one day and design an album myself.” Now here you are 3+ years later and you’ve only posted your wedding images on social media. Life moves on, gets busy, and other things take priority. I get it!! Don’t you want to get your beautiful images off your online gallery and into your hands? A wedding album will outlive Facebook and Instagram. A tangible wedding album will allow you to relive your wedding day and remember all those fuzzy feelings as you flip through pages. Most of all, a wedding album will allow your kids and grandkids to be able to look through the pages of your wedding day. I’m sure they will point with excitement and say “There’s Uncle Jeff! There’s Aunt Hannah!!”

Here’s a story, now it’s a little sad but bear with me. When my Nana Botta was 93 her health really started declining. She often times forgot who we were and didn’t remember her son (my in laws) getting married. After awhile my mother in law pulled out her wedding album from 38 years ago!! Their wedding album was stunning and so fun to look through!! Whenever Nana would start forgetting, the album would be right there for us to help her remember. 

Now I’m not saying you need a wedding album for this reason but I am saying that you need a wedding album that will be looked through every anniversary, to tell your kids the story of your wedding day, to just reminisce and see your gorgeous images have so much life to them outside a screen.

Serious question for you to think about. How will you look at your wedding images 30 years from now?

Ordering a wedding album

If you’re interested in ordering a wedding album, you can find more information about the process here. Simply send me an email at [email protected] and we will get your wedding album into your hands soon.

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