Long Branch Virginia Maternity Session

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Fun fact, Ross, Megan and I go way back, kinda. Years ago, before Ross and Megan were married, Megan’s mom hired me to photograph their family photos. When Megan reached out to photograph their Long Branch Virginia Maternity Session, I asked her if she realized I was the same person and she said yes. A lot of life happens in 10 years so it was really special seeing this couple years later celebrating their 10 year anniversary, 2 kids later, and one on the way.

Long Branch Virginia Maternity Session

When it comes to photographing young kids, I never know what to expect. Will they want to run around, will they cling close to mom and dad, will they be shy and not want to look at the camera? Ross and Megan’s kids were so stinking cute. They were amazing listeners and super excited to be having their photos taken. They even had images and poses they thought would be cute which we did and were super cute.

I’m pretty sure we photographed their Long Branch Virginia Maternity Session on the hottest day of the year. It was 98 degrees and with the heat index I’m sure it felt even hotter. Since it was so hot, I thought it was super cute Megan choose to have everyone barefoot. Being barefoot felt more relaxed and natural for them which I can appreciate because I’d always rather be barefoot. For my next session with my own family, I think I’ll do the same.

Looking forward to seeing this sweet and photogenic family again soon when their baby arrives. They don’t know what they are having to so it will be a surprise for everyone. How exciting!!

See a few of my favorite images of their maternity session below.

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