Top 4 Wedding Day Photography Timeline Tips

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My Top 4 Wedding Day Photography Timeline Tips, when implemented during the early stages of wedding planning, can really help make your wedding day flow with ease. After photographing over 150 weddings over the last 7 years, I want to share these photography tips with you!

Being a professional wedding photographer is a role that requires so much more than just taking photos. From the initial call with couples, I ensure we make the most out of their wedding day timeline. I do this by taking the time to walk through what a wedding day looks like, what they can expect photography wise, and make sure they have the tools needed to have the most enjoyable stress-free wedding experience. It’s important that these tips are implemented early on in your wedding planning since decisions impact multiple other moving parts of your wedding day.

These photography tips may sound simple but you’d be surprised how often certain things can simply be overlooked. Pull out your wedding planning book and start taking notes on my Top 4 Wedding Day Photography Timeline Tips.

Tip #1 Minimize Locations

The time spent traveling from one location to another on your wedding day adds up quickly which takes away a substantial amount of time allotted for photography on your timeline. If you’re planning to have your getting ready location, ceremony, and reception at different locations, be sure to discuss your options with your photographer and your planner. You’ll need to add extra hours of photography coverage to help compensate for the travel time, searching for parking, possible traffic, and walking from location to location.

Tip #2 Plan Cushion Time

Your wedding day timeline is based off your ceremony start time and everything else is planned around that time. When you are planning what time HMU should arrive, you’ll first need to ask them how much estimated time they need. This time will greatly depend on how many are getting HMU. From there always estimate additional cushion time. The brides HMU is typically completed last so she has the freshest hair and makeup for photos. However, if things are running behind, and the brides HMU is last, the timeline is basically halted since the bride being completely ready is essential to continue moving forward.

For this reason, I always take note when HMU should be complete. When photographing the final touches of HMU I simply ask the artists if the bride will be ready by the estimated time. 9 times out of 10 things are running according to schedule. In that 10% of time when things are ringing behind it’s so important to schedule extra cushion time. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel rushed, late, or missing out on something you wanted to be part of.


Tip #3 First Look or Aisle Reveal?

This topic is a tricky one. While first looks are becoming more and more common, there are a few couples who are all for a traditional aisle reveal. I’m here to say that’s ok!! This is your wedding so you should be able to decide what’s best for you and your fiancé and not feel the pressure of anyone telling you otherwise. Having said that, when planning your ceremony start time you absolutely must have enough sunlight after your ceremony to be able to capture portraits. All family portraits, full bridal portraits, and all of your husband and wife portraits will be taken after the ceremony. Plan 1.5 hours after your ceremony ends to ensure enough portrait time and light before getting introduced at the reception.

First looks are great for a number of reasons but I’d say the biggest reason I love first looks is so the couple can spend time with all of their guests during cocktail hour. Having all of these family and friends together in one place is so special and will never happen again so take advantage of that and mingle with everyone.


Tip #4 Florist Arrives Before Photographer

This is something that 9 times out of 10 gets overlooked. The photographer is the only one who thinks about the timing of this so brides, if detail photos are important to you, take notes. If you’re dreaming about detail images of your invitation suite, shoes, etc. and you envision those images with florals, make sure your florist arrives before your photographer. I can be 10 minutes prior to your photographer arriving but once your photographer begins detail photos that timeframe is over regardless if florals are there to not. Detail images can absolutely be taken without florals but florals always add an extra touch and helps tell the whole story of your wedding day.

These Top 4 Wedding Day Photography Timeline Tips will help any wedding day timeline and give you peace of mind. I genuinely believe that if you implement these tips, your wedding day will be easy breezy and the best day ever. No stress welcome!! Make sure to talk to your wedding photographer and wedding planner, if you have one, early on to open the door of communication. This ensures everyone is on the same page, you have a plan in place, and ready to crush these photography tips. Not to mention, your photographer will be over the moon and more than willing to provide you with whatever resources you may need to get the most out of your photography time on your wedding day.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning, check out my free wedding timeline. Seriously, click here and check it out! My couples have said it helps them breath easier just seeing an overview of how the day will flow.

To inquire about having me capture your wedding day, click here.

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